Special Arizona License Plates

Special Arizona License Plates

Order Special Arizona License Plates at Ayala Motor Vehicle ServiceAt EZ Title we are proud to offer a great selection of special Arizona license plates available. Special plates come with a randomly assigned plate number, and additional fees are added at each annual registration renewal. There is a one-time application fee for a special license plate.

You can personalize your special Arizona plate, if you don’t want a randomly assigned plate number. Additional fees apply. Some Arizona license plates require you to meet certain eligibility criteria to purchase. Motorcycle, trailer, off-highway and ATV plates have a limited number of special plates available, due to their smaller sizes.

Most of these license plate designs are available, but you can always contact us to make sure we can order what you’re looking for. Below are just some of the examples of special plates you can get, but more are added all the time.

The following plates require certain criteria. (i.e. you must be a Veteran to purchase a Veteran plate, or have a HAM Radio license to purchase the Amateur Radio Operator plate.)

Gold Star Family Plate Gold Star Family - Motorcycle Plate AZ Amateur Radio Operator
Veteran License Plate Veteran - Motorcycle Plate Purple Heart Plate Purple Heart - Motorcycle Plate