Level 1 Inspections for Motor Homes & RVs

Level 1 Inspections for Motor Homes & RVs

EZ Title is authorized to provide Level I inspection services at our Tempe, Arizona office location, or by appointment on-site at your location. We can inspect your motor home or RV on-site at your location, or at our Tempe, Arizona office. Level I inspections are sometimes required for motor homes or RVs, to correct an incorrect VIN. On pre-1980 RVs and motor homes, the VIN number may have been recorded incorrectly. Prior to 1980, the motor coach number was sometimes recorded as the VIN. These Level I inspections are required to verify the actual VIN, and correct the MVD records accordingly.

A vehicle inspection may be required for many reasons, some of which include:

  • •  The identity of the vehicle is in question (i.e. VIN, body style, fuel types, etc.)
  • •  The person having the inspection done does not have ownership documents
  • •  Validation that the vehicle identification number (VIN) is in agreement with the ownership document
  • •  The vehicle was acquired by Operation of Law, and there is no previous record of an Arizona title or registration.
  • •  A title and/or registration are being requested for a vehicle from out of state
  • •  For purposes other than highway use, including:
    • •  Exhibition or display
    • •  Repaired, rebuilt, reconstructed, or dismantled vehicles
  • •  As a requirement of the bonded title process
  • •  Reconstructed vehicles
  • •  Special construced vehicles
  • •  Kit cars and kit trailers
  • •  When titling and registering a vehicle for the first time, after a dismantle permit or salvaged certificate has been issued for the vehicle
  • •  When the body styles has been modified or entered in error in MVD systems
  • •  An erroneous odometer reading was entered in the MVD systems
  • •  When fuel discrepanices indicate an error:
    • •  Paperwork indicates gas when it is actually diesel
    • •  Vehicle has been converted to an alternate fuel
    • •  A second fuel type has been added
  • •  When the motor coach number was recorded as the VIN on 1980 models and older
  • •  Cab and Chassis vehicles require an inspection for body style, prior to renewing registration for the upcoming year
  • •  For an abandoned vehicle

What are we looking for? Some of the items we will be looking at include, but may not be limited to:

  • •  The vehicle’s VIN plate is intact, and has not been tampered with
  • •  The correct rivets have been used to attach the VIN plate to the vehicle
  • •  The secondary VIN matches the VIN on the VIN plate, and has not been tampered with
  • •  The VIN on the customer’s title and/or registration matches the vehicle’s VIN
  • •  The vehicle has the required equipment as prescribed by Arizona Revised Statutes


If you would like additional information about the abandoned vehicle process, you may call our office to speak with one of our agents.