Home Made Trailer Titles

Home Made Trailer Titles

Homemade Trailer

The process to title a homemade trailer is quite different than a manufactured trailer or other vehicle, because it has no Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). A title cannot be issued for homemade trailers until the it undergoes a level 1 inspection, and an Arizona serial number is assigned for it. The Arizona serial number becomes the VIN for the trailer, once assigned by MVD or an authorized third party provider, and a serial number plate is affixed to the trailer by MVD or the ATP.

You’ll need to disclose where the materials to build the trailer came from. Homemade Trailer

If any parts from a motor vehicle have been used in the construction of your trailer (i.e. axle), you’ll likely need a bill of sale for those parts. Keep notes and your receipts for everything used to build the trailer, as the level 1 inspector is going to ask you about it. The value of the trailer, as stated by the owner, will determine whether or not you will be required to provide the receipts to the inspector.

MVD will charge fees for the inspection, the assignment of an Arizona serial number, title, registration, and plates. A convenience fee is added by authorized third party providers like EZ Title & Registration.