Arizona Registration Only (ARO)

Arizona Registration Only (ARO)

Arizona MVD allows a vehicle to be registered via an ARO, only when the vehicle is not eligible to be titled in the state of Arizona. To qualify for an ARO, the vehicle must be titled in a “title-holding” state, meaning the title is not provided to the owner until the lien is paid or otherwise satisfied; the lien holder has possession of, and is holding, the title. Arizona MVD and Authorized Third Party offices will verify for you whether the state the vehicle is titled in, is a title-holding state.

Customers wishing to get an ARO will be required to show proof of registration from another (title-holding) state. The out-of-state registration may be expired. A non-validated registration renewal document will be treated as an acceptable document, however, a temporary registration (or permit) will not be accepted. Out-of-State license plates must be surrendered.

ARO customers will not receive an Arizona certificate of title for their vehicle. The names and legal status shown on the out-of-state registration provided cannot be changed. The names and legal status will be entered into Arizona’s records exactly as they are shown on the out-of-state registration document.

If no ownership documents are presented, a level one physical inspection will be required, and a 90-day resident registration will be issued until the customer can provide an ownership document. This gives you time to contact the state where it is titled, to obtain the required documents. ARO customers must comply with Arizona’s emissions testing requirements, if applicable.

Once a lien has been paid off on an ARO vehicle, the customer will be required to return to Arizona MVD, or an Authorized Third Party provider, to convert the ARO record to an Arizona title and standard registration.