30-Day General Use Permit

30-Day General Use Permit

Arizona MVD and Authorized Third Party Providers issue 30-Day General Use Permits in lieu of a permanent registration when circumstances indicate that no other permit type applies.

A 30-Day General Use Permit may only be issued for a vehicle once in a 12 month period. It is valid in Arizona or any other state. There are no movement restrictions or residency requirements for a 30-Day General Use Permit.

Arizona MVD charges a nominal fee for this permit, and an Authorized Third Party Provider will add a small convenience fee in addition. In addition to the fee, the following items are required:

Proof of ownership, via one of the following documents:

  • Vehicle certificate of title
  • Vehicle registration
  • Notarized bill of sale
  • Dealer invoice
  • Copy of security agreement
  • Authorized possession of the vehicle

The 30-Day General Use Permit is issued when:

  • All other permit options have been exhausted
  • The vehicle requires repairs
  • The owner wishes to sell the vehicle after having transferred the plate credit to another vehicle
  • No other permit type applies

A 30-Day General Use Permit may be obtained for any vehicle, regardless of where it was last titled or registered, or whether it has been previously titled or registered in Arizona. When an ownership document is not available or presented, a physical inspection is required, and an NCIC-ACIC check is performed.

An Arizona customer number (typically your driver license number) is required to obtain this permit. If a customer does not have an Arizona ID, driver license, or an existing customer number, one will be created for a nominal fee. For an out-of-state vehicle, the other state’s plate(s) must be surrendered, or a plate statement will be required.

A duplicate 30-Day General Use Permit can be generated if the original is lost, mutilated, or destroyed. The duplicate will have the exact same expiration date shown on it. Arizona MVD charges a nominal fee, and a small convenience fee is added by Authorized Third Party Providers.

A Commercial International Registration Plan (IRP) Apportioned vehicle is not eligible to receive a 30-Day General Use Permit. Motor carriers may use temporary proportional registrations for vehicles that are added to an existing fleet or in lieu of lost registrations. pending receipt of permanent or replacement registrations. The 90-Day IRP Temporary Permit is issued by Arizona MVD’s Motor Carrier Services Department, or Authorized Third Party Providers, and Authorized Title Services companies.