EZ Title & Registration can issue your Driver License or Title & Registration Motor Vehicle Records right in our office. We offer the following types of MVR:

  • 39 Month Uncertified MVR
  • 5 Year Certified MVR
  • Extended Certified MVR
  • Extended Uncertified CDL MVR
  • Extended Certified CDL MVR
  • Title and Registration – displaying owner information, including the entire title, registration and vehicle record.
  • 30-Day General Use Permit – issued when the owner did not have current registration, no plate is on the vehicle or repairs are needed for the vehicle to pass an emission test.
  • 90-Day Resident Registration Permit – issued when the owner needed additional time to complete his/her loan and title processing.
  • 90-Day Nonresident Permit – issued when a nonresident owner purchased an unregistered vehicle in Arizona for the removal of the vehicle to his/her state of residency.

There is a separate fee for each type of MVR requested or printed

A Driver MVR is the printout of a driving record. The Division offers two basic types of records, restricted (displays limited information) and non-restricted. Information printed on the MVR will depend upon the type of MVR requested.

A MVR may display the following:

  • Personal information (name, DOB, residential/ mailing address, and physicals)
  • Current license information (class license, issue date, and expiration date)
  • Applicable restrictions and endorsements
  • Prior License history information
  • Outstanding Compliance Requirements
  • Driving history points (related to the time frame requested)
    • Withdrawals
    • Compliance
    • Violations and or Incidents

Anyone knowingly obtaining, disclosing, or using personal information from a MVR for a use not permitted by law and anyone who misrepresents their identity or makes a false statement with the intent to obtain such information in a manner not authorized by law, is subject to a civil and or criminal penalties.