Emissions Testing


Do I Need an Emissions Test?

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is responsible for the emissions testing program and laws.

Usually, your emissions test is good for two years. If you are just buying a vehicle, the emissions test needs to have been completed within the last year (on most vehicles). Check here to see when the last test was completed

Emissions Test Results

Emissions test results are immediately sent electronically to MVD and then you can renew your registration!

Early Registration Renewal

Early renewal is based on an emissions test requirement.

  • If an emissions test is not required, you may renew up to six months before the expiration.
  • If an emissions test is required, you may renew your registration up to three months before the expiration by showing your current registration at the test station.

You may also choose to have an emissions test due to warranty limitations on emissions components.

Out-of-State Renewals
  • If your vehicle is in an area of a state (other than Arizona) that requires emissions testing, you must have your vehicle emissions tested there. | Apply and Pay Online
Emissions Control Areas

If your registration renewal notice reads “No Emissions Test Required,” it is based on your address on file and your vehicle year. However, an emissions test may still be required if your vehicle is used to commute into an Air Quality Control area (including greater metro Phoenix and Tucson) or you have moved to the Phoenix or Tucson areas.

If you have questions, contact the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality at 602.771.3950 or visit myazcar.com for general information and maps.

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